Linear sedimentation rates of ODP Hole 68-503B and sediment core KK75-02 (Table 1), supplement to: Janecek, Thomas R; Rea, David K (1985): Quaternary fluctuations in the northern hemisphere trade winds and westerlies. Quaternary Research, 24(2), 150-163

Thomas R Janecek & David K Rea
The mass accumulation rate and grain size of the total colian component isolated from pelagic sediment in two North Pacific cores, piston core KK75-02 under the prevailing westerlies and Deep-Sea Drilling Project Site 503 beneath the trade winds, have been used to evaluate changes in the intensity of atmospheric circulation and source-area aridity over the past 700,000 yr. The eolian grain size, a direct indicator of wind intensity, fluctuates at periodicities similar to those calculated...
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