(Table 1) Mineral phosphorus contents in bottom sediments and interstitial waters of the Southeast Atlantic, supplement to: Baturin, Gleb N (1972): Phosphorus in interstitial waters of sediments of the Southeastern Atlantic. Oceanology, 12, 849-855

Gleb N Baturin
Concentrations of mineral phosphorus in interstitial waters from sediments of the Southeast Atlantic generally increases from the ocean bed to the continental slope and shelf. In diatomaceous oozes of the Southwest Africa shelf, phosphorus concentration in fresh interstitial waters reaches 2.5 mg/l in absence of phosphorite concretions and 0.1-0.7 mg/l in their presence. After prolonged storage of samples concentration of dissolved mineral phosphorus sometimes increases up to 7-8 mg/l. The key factor regulating phosphorus content...
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