Microbiological investigations of the Canadian tundra, supplement to: Bölter, Manfred (2006): Microbiological communities and properties of arctic soils: results of the Tundra Northwest Expedition 1999 (Nunavut and Northwest Territories, Canada). Polarforschung, 73(2/3), 103-110

Manfred Bölter
Microbial communities were analyzed at 17 sites visited during the expedition Tundra Northwest 1999 (TNW-99) by microscopic analyses (epifluorescence microscopy and image analyses). The data were used to describe the communities of bacteria, fungi and algae in detail by number, biovolume and biomass. Great variability was found, which could be related to organic matter content of soils and features of vegetation patterns. The amounts (numbers and abundance) of organisms and data on microbial biomass are...
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