Ether-derived alkanes from sedimentary organic matter, supplement to: Vella, Alfred J; Holzer, Gunther (1990): Ether-derived alkanes from sedimentary organic matter. Organic Geochemistry, 15(2), 209-214

Alfred J Vella & Gunther Holzer
Glycerol ether lipids have been detected in the bitumen of DSDP sediments from Sites 467, 440B and 380 and from the Green River Shale. The alkyl side groups of these ethers were determined by conversion into deuteroalkanes. The presence of glycerol ethers produced by methanogenic bacteria was indicated in the DSDP bitumens by the formation of monodeuterated phytane and dideuterated biphytane. Other ethers were found with novel non-isoprenoidal side groups which may belong to sulfate-reducing...
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