Tab.1: Representative bulk-rock and trace element chemistry, supplement to: Remizov, Dmitry N (2006): Metabasite basement of the Voikar Island Arc in the Polar Urals. Polarforschung, 73(2/3), 49-57

Dmitry N Remizov
High-pressure/low-temperature metabasites occupy a definite geological position within the structure of the Polar Urals and have a very important bearing on the understanding of the early history of the Ural Mountains. Recently obtained geological, petrographic, geochemical and isotope data allow some conclusions on this history. The metabasites of the Khord”yus and Dzela complexes contain relics of a Neoproterozoic (578 ±8 Ma) oceanic crust. This crust formed part of the base of the early Paleozoic (500...
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