Geochemistry of marin ash layers and epiclastic rocks from the Kerguelen Plateau, supplement to: Bitschene, Peter Rene; Mehl, Klaus Wilhelm; Schmincke, Hans-Ulrich (1992): Composition and origin of marine ash layers and epiclastic rocks from the Kerguelen Plateau, southern Indian Ocean (Legs 119 and 120). In: Wise, SW; Schlich, R; et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 120, 135-149

Peter Rene Bitschene, Klaus Wilhelm Mehl & Hans-Ulrich Schmincke
Epiclastic volcanogenic rocks recovered from the Kerguelen Plateau during Ocean Drilling Program Legs 119 and 120 comprise (pre-)Cenomanian(?) claystones (52 m thick, Site 750); a Turonian(?) basaltic pebble conglomerate (1.2 m thick, Site 748; Danian mass flows (45 m thick, Site 747); and volcanogenic debris flows of Quaternary age at Site 736 (clastic apron of Kerguelen Island). Pyroclastic rocks comprise numerous Oligocene to Quaternary marine ash layers.The epiclastic sediments with transitional mid-ocean-ridge basalt (T-MORB) origin...
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