Gas hydrates of the Gulf of Mexico, supplement to: Brooks, James M; Cox, H Benjamin; Bryant, William; Kennicutt, Mahlon C; Mann, Robert G; McDonald, Thomas J (1985): Association of gas hydrates and oil seepage in the Gulf of Mexico. Organic Geochemistry, 10(1-3), 221-234

James M Brooks, H Benjamin Cox, William Bryant, Mahlon C Kennicutt, Robert G Mann & Thomas J McDonald
Gas hydrates were recovered from eight sites on the Louisiana slope of the Gulf of Mexico. The gas hydrate discoveries ranged in water depths from 530 to 2400 m occurring as small to medium sized (0.5-50 mm) nodules, interspersed layers (1-10 mm thick) or as solid masses (> 150 mm thick). The hydrates have gas:fluid ratios as high as 170:1 at STP, C1/(C2 + C3) ratios ranging from 1.9 to > 1000 and d13C ratios...
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