Physical properties and abundance of diatoms of the ANDRILL AND1-1B drill core, supplement to: Konfirst, Matthew Alan; Kuhn, Gerhard; Monien, Donata; Scherer, Reed P (2011): Correlation of Early Pliocene diatomite to low amplitude Milankovitch cycles in the ANDRILL AND-1B drill core. Marine Micropaleontology, 80(3-4), 114-124

Matthew Alan Konfirst, Gerhard Kuhn, Donata Monien & Reed P Scherer
In the austral summer of 2006/7 the ANDRILL MIS (ANtarctic geological DRILLing- McMurdo Ice Shelf) project recovered a 1285 m sediment core from beneath the Ross Ice Shelf near Hut Point Peninsula, Ross Island, Antarctica in a flexural moat associated with the volcanic loading of Ross Island. Contained within the upper ~600 m of this core are sediments recording 38 glacial to interglacial cycles of Early Pliocene to Pleistocene time, including 13 discrete diatomite units...
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