C1-C8 hydrocarbons in marine sediments, supplement to: Whelan, Jean K; Hunt, John M; Jasper, John P; Huc, Alain Y (1984): Migration of C1-C8 hydrocarbons in marine sediment. Organic Geochemistry, 6, 683-694

Jean K Whelan, John M Hunt, John P Jasper & Alain Y Huc
Light hydrocarbon (C1-C8) profiles are compared for three wells of varying maturities: two immature DSDP wells (Site 397 near the Canary Islands and Site 530A near the Walvis Ridge in the south-east Atlantic) and a mature well, the East Cameron well in the Texas Gulf Coast. Primary migration of C1 and C2 appears to be occurring in all of the sedimentary rocks examined. Primary migration of C3+ components becomes important only as fine-grained sedimentary rocks...
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