Organic geochemistry of sediments of the Gulf of California, supplement to: Simoneit, Bernd R T; Philp, R P; Jenden, Peter D; Galimov, Erik M (1984): Organic geochemistry of Deep Sea Drilling Project sediments from the Gulf of California-Hydrothermal effects on unconsolidated diatom ooze. Organic Geochemistry, 7(3-4), 173-205

Bernd R T Simoneit, R P Philp, Peter D Jenden & Erik M Galimov
The effects of intrusive thermal stress have been studied on a number of Pleistocene sediment samples obtained from Leg 64 of the DSDP-IPOD program in the Gulf of California. Samples were selected from Sites 477, 478 and 481 where the organic matter was subjected to thermal stress from sill intrusions. For comparison purposes, samples from Sites 474 and 479 were selected as representative of unaltered material.The GC and GC-MS data show that lipids of the...
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