Organic matter composition of Cretaceous sediments of the central Pacific Ocean, supplement to: Dean, Walter E; Claypool, George E; Thiede, Jörn (1984): Accumulation of organic matter in Cretaceous oxygen-deficient depositional environments in the central Pacific Ocean. Organic Geochemistry, 7(1), 39-51

Walter E Dean, George E Claypool & Jörn Thiede
Complete records of organic-carbon-rich Cretaceous strata were continuouslycored on the flanks of the Mid-Pacific Mountains and southern Hess Rise in the central North Pacific Ocean during DSDP Leg 62. Organic-carbon-rich laminated silicified limestones were deposited in the western Mid-Pacific Mountains during the early Aptian, a time when that region was south of the equator and considerably shallower than at present. Organic-carbon-rich, laminated limestone on southern Hess Rise overlies volcanic basement and includes 136 m of...
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