Total phospholipid fatty acid concentrations structrures of ODP Hole 191-1179 samples (Table 1), supplement to: Mills, Christopher T; Dias, Robert F; Graham, Dennis; Mandernack, Kevin W (2006): Determination of phospholipid fatty acid structures and stable carbon isotope compositions of deep-sea sediments of the Northwest Pacific, ODP site 1179. Marine Chemistry, 98(2-4), 197-209

Christopher T Mills, Robert F Dias, Dennis Graham & Kevin W Mandernack
Sediment samples ranging from 0.05 to 278 m below sea floor (mbsf) at a Northwest Pacific deep-water (5564 mbsl) site (ODP Leg 191, Site 1179) were analyzed for phospholipid fatty acids (PLFAs). Total PLFA concentrations decreased by a factor of three over the first meter of sediment and then decreased at a slower rate to approximately 30 mbsf. The sharp decrease over the first meter corresponds to the depth of nitrate and Mn(IV) reduction as...
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