Geochemistry and isotopic composition of gabbros from ODP Hole 118-375B, supplement to: Kempton, Pamela D; Hawkesworth, Chris J; Fowler, M (1991): Geochemistry and isotopic composition of gabbros from layer 3 of the Indian Ocean Crust, Leg 118, Hole 735B. In: Von Herzen, RP; Robinson, PT; et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 118, 127-143

Pamela D Kempton, Chris J Hawkesworth & M Fowler
Gabbros drilled from the shallow (720 m) east wall of the Atlantis II transform on the Southwest Indian Ridge (SWIR; 32°43.40', 57°16.00') provide the most complete record of the stratigraphy and composition of the oceanic lower crust recovered from the ocean basins to date. Lithologies recovered include gabbro, olivine gabbro, troctolite, trondhjemite, and unusual iron-titanium (FeTi) oxide-rich gabbro containing up to 30% FeTi oxides. The plutonic rock sequence represents a tholeiitic fractionation trend ranging from...
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