Concentration of trace elements in samples of sea water determined by use of two methods of concentrating, supplement to: Zhmaka, V I; Kovarskiy, N Ya; Belen'kiy, V S; Anisimov, R I (1984): Determination of iron and zinc in sea water by preconcentration of electrolytically precipitated magnesium hydroxide. Oceanology, 24(2), 268-270

V I Zhmaka, N Ya Kovarskiy, V S Belen'kiy & R I Anisimov
A device and a specific procedure for simultaneous concentration of trace eleĀ¬ments from sea water by co-precipitating them in precipitate of magnesium hydroxide obtained by electrolytic alkalization of samples in a two-chamber electrolyzer are described. Analyses of sea water samples for zinc, iron, copper, nickel and lead demonstrate that the method produces a thousand-fold concentration and gives results that agree well with those obtained by extractive concentration using diethyldithiocarbamate and 8-hydroxyquinoline in chloroform. Extracts were...
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