Amino acid racemization for several DSDP samples (Table 1), supplement to: Katz, Barry J; Harrison, Christopher G A; Man, Eugene H (1983): Geothermal and other effects on amino acid racemization in selected Deep-Sea Drilling Project cores. Organic Geochemistry, 5(3), 151-156

Barry J Katz, Christopher G A Harrison & Eugene H Man
Kinetic parameters for the epimerization of isoleucine in multispecific foraminiferal asemblages were used to establish the effects of burial depth and the geothermal gradient on the extent of reaction. It was observed that with a little as thirty meters of burial in a normal thermal regime there were differences between the extent of epimerization measured and that which would have been predicted for thermal equilibrium with bottom water temperatures. As would be expected, these differences...
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