Organic carbon and its diagenetic losses in bottom sediments from the Bering Sea, supplement to: Marina, Mariya M; Levitan, Mikhail A; Lyutsarev, Sergey V (1984): Organic carbon in Holocene deposits of the northwestern Bering Sea shelf. Oceanology, 24(2), 221-224

Mariya M Marina, Mikhail A Levitan & Sergey V Lyutsarev
New data obtained in a shipboard laboratory are used to illustrate effect exerted by lithology of enclosing rock and by early diagenesis on residu¬al organic carbon content of Holocene deposits on the northwestern Bering Sea shelf. Loss of organic carbon is found to total 8-12% in the upper 10-15 cm of sediments and about 22% in the upper 1 m that agrees with data obtained for other areas by independent methods.
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