Lists of seamounts and knolls in different formats, supplement to: Yesson, Chris; Clark, M R; Taylor, M; Rogers, A D (2011): The global distribution of seamounts based on 30-second bathymetry data. Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers, 58(4), 442-453

Chris Yesson, M R Clark, M Taylor & A D Rogers
Seamounts and knolls are 'undersea mountains', the former rising more than 1000 m from the sea floor. These features provide important habitats for aquatic predators, demersal deep-sea fish and benthic invertebrates. However most seamounts have not been surveyed and their numbers and locations are not well known. Previous efforts to locate and quantify seamounts have used relatively coarse bathymetry grids. Here we use global bathymetric data at 30 arc-second resolution to identify seamounts and knolls....
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