Carbon contents of lower Cretaceous sediments from ODP Hole 198-1213B (Table 1), supplement to: Brassell, Simon C; Dumitrescu, Mirela; ODP Leg 198 Shipboard Scientific Pary (2004): Recognition of alkenones in a lower Aptian porcellanite from the west-central Pacific. Organic Geochemistry, 35(2), 181-188

Simon C Brassell, Mirela Dumitrescu &
ODP Leg 198 drilling on Shatsky Rise recovered a lower Aptian porcellanite (~120.5 Ma) deposited during oceanic anoxic event (OAE) 1a that contains C36-C39 alkadienones: C37:2 and C39:2 alkadien-2-ones and C36:2 and C38:2 alkadien-3-ones. This alkenone distribution differs from that typical of contemporary sediments and haptophyte algae, but resembles that of Cretaceous sediments from the Blake-Bahama basin. The discovery of alkenones in the early Aptian extends their sedimentary record by 15 M.y. to 120.5 M.y....
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