Proto-kerogens in Holocene sediments of ODP Hole 165-1002C, supplement to: Aycard, Mylène; Derenne, Sylvie; Largeau, Claude; Mongenot, Thierry; Tribovillard, Nicolas; Baudin, Francois (2003): Formation pathways of proto-kerogens in Holocene sediments of the upwelling influenced Cariaco Trench, Venezuela. Organic Geochemistry, 34(6), 701-718

Mylène Aycard, Sylvie Derenne, Claude Largeau, Thierry Mongenot, Nicolas Tribovillard & Francois Baudin
Proto-kerogens were isolated, by extraction and HF/HC1 treatment, from core samples of Holocene sediments of the Cariaco Trench, with interpolated ages of 900, 2850 and 6000 years, and examined via a combination of microscopic, spectroscopic and pyrolytic methods. It appears that these proto-kerogens were chiefly formed from phytoplanktonic components via the degradation-recondensation pathway. The natural sulfurisation pathway only afforded a minor contribution, in spite of the conditions prevailing in the water column and sediments that...
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