Isotopic composition of bottom and interstitial waters in the area of gas plumes, Sea of Okhotsk, supplement to: Pashkina, Valeriya I; Yesikov, Alexander D (1989): Isotope investigations of bottom and interstitial waters of the Sea of Okhotsk in an area of gas hydrate occurrence. Oceanology, 29(2), 173-177

Valeriya I Pashkina & Alexander D Yesikov
Data on isotopic composition of interstitial and bottom waters collected in an area of gas hydrate occurrence in the Sea of Okhotsk are presented. Investigations indicate that heavy isotopes of oxygen and hydrogen are used in generation of gas hydrate, so that isotopic composition of its water of constitution is: d18O = +1.9 per mil, d2H = +23 per mil (relative to SMOW). Production of authigenic carbonates results in isotopic exchange with interstitial water, which...
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