(Table 2) Composition of polycyclic aromatics in bottom sediments from the Weddell Sea, supplement to: Danyushevskaya, A I; Smirnov, V I; Petrova, Vera I; Belyaeva, Alexandra N (1989): Geochemistry of organic matter in bottom sediments of the Weddell Sea. Oceanology, 29(3), 322-328

A I Danyushevskaya, V I Smirnov, Vera I Petrova & Alexandra N Belyaeva
Distribution, composition and genesis of organic matter in recent bottom sediments of the Weddell Sea (Western Antarctic) are discussed. Geochemical background levels of bitumen, organic matter, and polycyclic aromatics in the sediments are respectively 0.01-0.1%, 0.003-0.005%, and 0.0001-0.0002%. Deviations from the background level, probably caused by secondary processes, are found. Organic matter has characteristic properties resulting from distinctive character of aquatic biota organic matter, from which it has been formed.
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