TOC, carbonate and bitumen concentrations of DSDP Holes 64-477 and 64-478 (Table 1), supplement to: Kawka, Orest E; Simoneit, Bernd R T (1994): Hydrothermal pyrolysis of organic matter in Guaymas Basin: I. Comparison of hydrocarbon distributions in subsurface sediments and seabed petroleums. Organic Geochemistry, 22(6), 947-978

Orest E Kawka & Bernd R T Simoneit
The bitumens of a selection of subsurface sediments from Guaymas Basin, Gulf of California, have been analyzed in order to assess the hydrothermal effects on the organic matter and to better delineate the processes influencing the generation, deposition, and alteration of the hydrothermal petroleums at the seabed. Although the thermally generated subsurface bitumens are generally rich in polar/asphaltic materials, as are the seabed oils, the hydrocarbon transformations parallel the extent of hydrothermal alteration as reflected...
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