Organic geochemistry of Lower Cretaceous sediments from the northwetsern Pacific guyits, supplement to: Baudin, Francois; Sachsenhofer, Reinhard F (1996): Organic geochemistry of Lower Cretaceous sediments from Northwestern Pacific guyots (ODP leg 143). Organic Geochemistry, 25(5-7), 311-324

Francois Baudin & Reinhard F Sachsenhofer
Organic geochemical data of Lower Cretaceous shallow water sediments from two sites (865 and 866) drilled during ODP leg 143 are presented. The organic matter is mainly terrestrial at the bottom of the sedimentary column at site 865, whereas algal and/or bacterial organic matter is dominant at site 866. This is the first evidence of shallow water deposition of organic matter during the Early Cretaceous in the Northwestern Pacific. The lower Aptian organic carbon-rich layers...
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