Feeding of Sagitta setosa in the Black Sea, supplement to: Drits, Alexander V; Utkina, S V (1988): Feeding of Sagitta setosa in the layers of daytime phytoplankton accumulation in the Black Sea. Oceanology, 28(6), 781-785

Alexander V Drits & S V Utkina
Gut dissection of fixed individuals from samples collected during Cruise 6 of R/V Vityaz-2 in April-May 1984 was used to study feeding of Sagitta setosa in the layers of daytime plankton accumulation at the lower boundary of the oxycline. The principal food was copepodite stage V of Calanus and females of Calanus and Pseudocalanus. Analysis of daytime and night data with reference to length of migratory alterations of Sagitta populations and gut passage time indicates...
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