Concentration of dissolved organic carbon in the Baltic Sea, 1984-1985, supplement to: Yurkovskiy, A K; Vladimirskiy, S S (1989): Structure of the vertical distribution of dissolved organic carbon in the Baltic Sea. Oceanology, 29(2), 168-172

A K Yurkovskiy & S S Vladimirskiy
Dissolved organic carbon concentrations (DOC) were determined with a Photochem E3600 analyzer. Vertical distribution of DOC is discussed in terms of data from three stations for four seasons in 1984-1985. Concentration of particulate organic carbon (POC) was from 2.85 to 4.81 (6.84) mg/l, and its vertical profile was multipeaked, not always with a maximum at the surface. Vertical distribution of POC in basins of the Baltic Sea has a distinctive structure that varies with season...
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