Pollen record and age determination of a sediment profile from Frengstadsetra, Norway, supplement to: Paus, Agae A; Jevne, Ole Erik (1987): Innerdalens historie belyst ved den pollenanalytisk metoden. Rapport arkeologisk serie, 1, 7-89

Agae A Paus & Ole Erik Jevne
Innerdalen was once a mountain valley (ca. 780 m a.s.l.) with birch forests, bogs and several summer farms. Today it is a 6.5 km**2 artifical lake. In 1980 and 1981 archaeological and palynological investigations were carried out due to the hydroelectric power plans.Radiocarbon dated pollen diagrams from 9 different localities in Innerdalen provide information on a mountain environment which has been exploited to varying degrees by human groups for thousands of years. In the Birch...
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