(Table 2) Vertical distribution of particulate matter and its organic and mineral components in waters of the Tropical Atlantic in November 1984, supplement to: Bezborodov, A A; Burlakova, Z P; Yeremeyeva, L V (1989): Distribution and composition of suspended matter in waters of the Northeastern Tropical Atlantic. Oceanology, 29(1), 80-84

A A Bezborodov, Z P Burlakova & L V Yeremeyeva
Results of multiyear investigation of distribution and composition of suspended matter in waters off the northwest coast of Africa are presented. Large-scale circulation, upwelling, river runoff, and aeolian deposition affect distribution and evolution of biochemical composition of particulate matter. Concentrations of organic carbon, nitrogen, chlorophyll, phytoplankton and trace metals in the particulate matter are determined. Ratios of these components exhibit seasonal variations.
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