Investigation of Bacteria in coastal waters of King George Island, supplement to: Ilinskiy, Vladimir V; Gorshkov, Alexander N (2004): Free-living and associated bacteria in the coastal waters of Ardley Cove (King George Island, Antarctica): quantitative changes from February to October. Polarforschung, 72(1), 31-40

Vladimir V Ilinskiy & Alexander N Gorshkov
We determined the numbers of free-living and associated (aggregated or bonded with particles) bacteria in the coastal water of King George Island at an offshore (St. 1) and a nearshore station (St. 2) as a function of physico-chemical parameters. Water sampIes were collected between March and October at St. 1 and between April and October at St. 2. Direct counts of total bacteria varied from 0.53*10**8 to 5.02*10**8 cells/l. Associated microorganisms accounted for 5 to...
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