Salinity and concentrations of organic carbon in bays of the White Sea, supplement to: Maksimova, M P; Vladimirskiy, S S (1990): Organic carbon and the generation of organic matter in bays of the White Sea. Oceanology, 30(1), 47-51

M P Maksimova & S S Vladimirskiy
Organic carbon in bays of the White Sea was studied for the first time in 1987. Bays of various types in the Kandalaksha Gulf and the Onega Gulf were investigated. Concentration of C_org ranged from 3.5 to 9 mg/l. The highest weighted-mean concentration of C_org occurred in shallow bays of the Onega Gulf (Suma Bay - 6.17 mg/l, Kolezhma Bay - 5.25 mg/1); slightly lower levels occurred in the Soroka Bay (4.85 mg/l) and Kem'...
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