Gold and organic carbon in waters from the Bering Sea and the North Pacific, supplement to: Pashkova, E A; Gul'ko, N I; Lyutsarev, Sergey V; Tsekhonya, T I (1988): Colloidal and dissolved forms of gold and organic carbon in the water of the Bering Sea and the Northern Pacific Ocean. Oceanology, 28(3), 305-309

E A Pashkova, N I Gul'ko, Sergey V Lyutsarev & T I Tsekhonya
Atomic absorption spectroscopy is used to determine concentration of gold in waters of the Bering Sea and North Pacific. Distributions of gold and organic carbon in colloidal and "dissolved" fractions separated by ultrafiltration through Vladipor filters are determined. Direct evidence of gold association with colloidal matter of sea water is presented and concentrations of gold in various fractions of colloidal solutions are determined. The most important forms of occurrence of colloidal gold prove to be...
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