Tab.2+3: Potential of biotic and enzymatic activities and chemical features in different soils from Spitsbergen, supplement to: Negoita, Teodor Gheorghe; Stefanic, Gheorghe; Irimescu-Orzan, Mirela Emilia; Palanciuc, Vasilica; Oprea, Georgeta (2002): Microbial, chemical and enzymatic properties in Spitsbergen Soils. Polarforschung, 71(1/2), 41-46

Teodor Gheorghe Negoita, Gheorghe Stefanic, Mirela Emilia Irimescu-Orzan, Vasilica Palanciuc & Georgeta Oprea
Chemical analyses showed that on the western coast of Spitsbergen some soils have a very high content of organic matter (2.15-5.63 Ct %) in the top layer while other soils show significantly lower quantities (0.75-0.82 Ct %). With respect to the total nitrogen content (Nt %) a similar situation can be found. Investigations in upper soil horizons, carried out for 5 places in Spitsbergen, showed that one of the soils studied was very little developed...
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