Organic nitrogen in sediments of the Peru upwelling region, supplement to: Patience, R L; Baxby, M; Bartle, K D; Perry, DL; Rees, A W G; Rowland, Steve J (1992): The functionality of organic nitrogen in some recent sediments from the Peru upwelling region. Organic Geochemistry, 18(2), 161-169

R L Patience, M Baxby, K D Bartle, DL Perry, A W G Rees & Steve J Rowland
Nitrogen in fossil fuels is present in pyrrolic- and pyridinic-functional groups. In contrast, organic nitrogen in living organisms is overwhelmingly found in amino acids in proteins and peptides. Petroleum is the result of the maturation of the organic remains of organisms, so what causes the change in nitrogen functionality between organisms and oil, and when does it occur? Using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) supported by elemental analysis, biochemical analysis, and pyrolysis-gas chromatography with atomic emission...
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