Clay mineraology and grain size composition of surface sediments from South Pacific Ocean, supplement to: Saukel, Cornelia; Lamy, Frank; Stuut, Jan-Berend W; Tiedemann, Ralf; Vogt, Christoph (2011): Distribution and provenance of wind-blown SE Pacific surface sediments. Marine Geology, 280(1-4), 130-142

Cornelia Saukel, Frank Lamy, Jan-Berend W Stuut, Ralf Tiedemann & Christoph Vogt
The reconstruction of low-latitude ocean-atmosphere interactions is one of the major issues of (paleo-)environmental studies. The trade winds, extending over 20° to 30° of latitude in both hemispheres, between the subtropical highs and the intertropical convergence zone, are major components of the atmospheric circulation and little is known about their long-term variability on geological time-scales, in particular in the Pacific sector. We present the modern spatial pattern of eolian-derived marine sediments in the eastern equatorial...
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