Tab. 1+2+3: Selected principal soil properties in the oil exploitation region of KomiArcticOil (Usinsk) in the Russian tundra, supplement to: Beyer, Lothar; Huyke, Wiebke; Hüttmann, Stephan; Archegova, Inna; Titarenko, Tatiana V (2002): The use of microbial activity indicators for a quality assessment of highly crude oil contaminated soils in the Russian Subpolar Tundra at the Arctic Circle. Polarforschung, 71(1/2), 33-39

Lothar Beyer, Wiebke Huyke, Stephan Hüttmann, Inna Archegova & Tatiana V Titarenko
Oil polluted and not oil polluted soils (crude oil hydrocarbons contents: 20-92500 mg/kg dry soil mass) under natural grass and forest vegetation and in a bog in the Russian tundra were compared in their principal soil ecological parameters, the oil content and the microbial indicators. CFE biomass-C, dehydrogenase and arylsulfatase activity were enhanced with the occurrence of crude oil. Using these parameters for purposes of controlling remediation and recultivation success it is not possible to...
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