Model parameter, supplement to: Taylor, Marc H; Wolff, Matthias; Vadas, Flora; Yamashiro, Carmen (2008): Trophic and enviromental drivers of the Sechura Bay Ecosystem (Peru) over an ENSO cycle. Helgoland Marine Research, 62(1), 15-32

Marc H Taylor, Matthias Wolff, Flora Vadas & Carmen Yamashiro
Interannual environmental variability in Peru is dominated by the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO). The most dramatic changes are associated with the warm El Niño (EN) phase (opposite the cold La Niña phase), which disrupts the normal coastal upwelling and affects the dynamics of many coastal marine and terrestrial resources. This study presents a trophic model for Sechura Bay, located at the northern extension of the Peruvian upwelling system, where ENSO-induced environmental variability is most...
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