Biogenic and lithogenic silica, silicic acid, production of biogenic silica, and irradiance measurements during the Ross Sea Bloom Project 1994-1996, supplement to: Smith, Walker O Jr; Nelson, David M; Mathot, Sylvie (1999): Phytoplankton growth rates in the Ross Sea, Antarctica, determined by independent methods: temporal variations. Journal of Plankton Research, 21(8), 1519-1536

Walker O Jr Smith, David M Nelson & Sylvie Mathot
The development of the seasonal phytoplankton bloom in the Ross Sea was studied during two cruises. The first, conducted in November-December 1994, investigated the initiation and rapid growth of the bloom, whereas the second (December 1995-January 1996) concentrated on the bloom's maximum biomass period and the subsequent decline in biomass. Central to the understanding of the controls of growth and the summer decline of the bloom is a quantitative assessment of the growth rate of...
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