Time series of phyto- and microzooplankton abundance and composition at station L4 in the English Channel from 1988 to 2009, supplement to: Widdicombe, Claire E; Eloire, Damien; Harbour, Derek; Harris, Roger P; Somerfield, Paul J (2010): Long-term phytoplankton community dynamics in the Western English Channel. Journal of Plankton Research, 32(5), 643-655

Claire E Widdicombe, Damien Eloire, Derek Harbour, Roger P Harris & Paul J Somerfield
Over a 15-year period (1992-2007), weekly water samples were collected from the L4 time-series station in the Western English Channel and analysed for phytoplankton community structure and abundance. The data produced have been analysed to identify seasonal patterns, inter-annual variability and long-term trends in the composition of the seven main functional phytoplankton groups. Phyto-flagellates numerically dominated accounting for on average ca. 87% of the phytoplankton abundance while diatoms, Phaeocystis, coccolithophorids, dinoflagellates and ciliates contributed 13%...
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