Pliocene benthic foraminiferal abundances of ODP Hole 105-646B from north Atlantic, supplement to: Zhang, Jijun; Scott, David B (1996): Messinian deep-water turbidites and glacioeustatic sea-level changes in the North Atlantic: Linkage to the Mediterranean salinity crisis. Paleoceanography, 11(3), 277-297

Jijun Zhang & David B Scott
Our benthic foraminiferal data clearly indicate eight layers of deep-water turbidites during the Messinian (MTL 1-8) and one in the early Pliocene (PTL 1) in Ocean Drilling Program Leg 105, Site 646B. These deep-water tuibidite deposits are characterized by highly concentrated agglutinated marsh benthic foraminifera (e.g., Trochammina cf. squamata, Ammotium sp. A, Miliammina fusca), rounded quartz, polished thick-walled benthic foraminifera, wood fragments, plant seeds, plant fruit, and highly concentrated mica and are interbedded with sediments...
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