Whole-rock geochemical analyses of serpentinized harzburgites from ODP Site 209-1270, supplement to: Jöns, Niels; Bach, Wolfgang; Klein, Frieder (2010): Magmatic influence on reaction paths and element transport during serpentinization. Chemical Geology, 274(3-4), 196-211

Niels Jöns, Wolfgang Bach & Frieder Klein
Small-scale shear zones are present in drillcore samples of abyssal peridotites from the Mid-Atlantic ridge at 15°20'N (Ocean Drilling Program Leg 209). The shear zones act as pathways for both evolved melts and hydrothermal fluids. We examined serpentinites directly adjacent to such zones to evaluate chemical changes resulting from melt-rock and fluid-rock interaction and their influence on the mineralogy. Compared to fresh harzburgite and melt-unaffected serpentinites, serpentinites adjacent to melt-bearing veins show a marked enrichment...
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