Age determinations in Lena Delta, supplement to: Krbetschek, Matthias R; Gonser, Gabriele; Schwamborn, Georg (2002): Luminescence dating results of sediment sequences of the Lena Delta. Polarforschung, 70, 83-88

Matthias R Krbetschek, Gabriele Gonser & Georg Schwamborn
The age correlation between the three main geomorphological terraces in the Lena Delta, especially that of the second sandy terrace (Arga Island) and the third terrace (Ice Complex and underlying sands) is still being discussed, Knowledge about the age of the lee Complex and its underlying sands, and the Arga sands is necessary for understanding the past and modern structure of the delta. Geochronometrie data have been acguired for three sediment seguences from the Lena...
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