Vegetation community and geochemistry in the Uummannaq District, West Greenland, supplement to: Lepping, Ortrun; Daniëls, Frederikus J A (2007): Phytosociology of beach and salt marsh vegetation in northern West Greenland. Polarforschung, 76(3), 95-108

Ortrun Lepping & Frederikus J A Daniëls
Beach and salt marsh vegetation of the Uummannaq District, northern West Greenland (c. 70°15' N – 72° N, 49° W – 54° W) was studied 1998 according to the Braun-Blanquet phytosociological approach. Habitat analyses included soil chemistry. Such vegetation locally occurs and is not developed over extensive areas. On gravely stony beaches a Mertensia maritima ssp. maritima community occurs, while a Honckenya peploides var. diffusa community is confined to sandy beaches. The association Honckenyo diffusae-Elymetum...
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