Cretaceous planktonic foraminifera of DSDP Hole 71-511, supplement to: Krasheninnikov, Valery A; Basov, Ivan A (1983): Stratigraphy of Cretaceous sediments of the Falkland Plateau based on planktonic foraminifers, Deep Sea Drilling Project, Leg 71. In: Ludwig, WF; Krasheninnikov, VA; et al. (eds.), Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project, Washington (U.S. Government Print Office), 71, 789-820

Valery A Krasheninnikov & Ivan A Basov
Lower and Upper Cretaceous sediments of the Maurice Ewing Bank, Site 511 (black shales, mudstones, zeolitic clays, and nannofossil chalk and ooze, 361 m thick) are characterized by an assemblage of planktonic foraminifers of low systematic diversity, including over 50 species. Representatives of Hedbergella, Globigerinelloides, Archaeoglobigerina, Whiteinella, Rugoglobigerina, and Heterohelix are predominant; species of Ticinella, Praeglobotruncana, Globotruncana, Schackoina, and Planoglobulina associated with some interbeds occur in smaller numbers. Planktonic foraminifers enable us to subdivide the...
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