Benthic foraminiferal abundances from eight sites of the Northwest Australian shelf, supplement to: Gallagher, Stephen John; Wallace, Malcolm W; Li, Chung Leong; Kinna, Belinda; Bye, John A T; Akimoto, Kazumi; Torii, Masayuki (2009): Neogene history of the West Pacific Warm Pool, Kuroshio and Leeuwin currents. Paleoceanography, 24, PA1206

Stephen John Gallagher, Malcolm W Wallace, Chung Leong Li, Belinda Kinna, John A T Bye, Kazumi Akimoto & Masayuki Torii
Foraminiferal analysis of Miocene to recent strata of the Northwest Shelf of Australia is used to chart West Pacific Warm Pool (WPWP) influence. The assemblage is typified by "larger" foraminifera with ingressions of the Indo-Pacific "smaller" taxa Asterorotalia and Pseudorotalia at around 4 Ma and from 1.6 to 0.8 Ma. A review of recent and fossil biogeography of these taxa suggests their stratigraphic distribution can be used to document WPWP evolution. From 10 to 4.4...
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