Palynological and geochemical investigation of composite sediment core Mo05 from the pre-Alpine Lake Mondsee, supplement to: Lauterbach, Stefan; Brauer, Achim; Andersen, Nils; Danielopol, Dan L; Dulski, Peter; Hüls, Matthias; Milecka, Krystyna; Namiotko, Tadeusz; Obremska, Milena; von Grafenstein, Ulrich; DecLakes participants (2011): Environmental responses to Lateglacial climatic fluctuations recorded in the sediments of pre-Alpine Lake Mondsee (northeastern Alps). Journal of Quaternary Science, 26(3), 253-267

Stefan Lauterbach, Achim Brauer, Nils Andersen, Dan L Danielopol, Peter Dulski, Matthias Hüls, Krystyna Milecka, Tadeusz Namiotko, Milena Obremska, Ulrich von Grafenstein &
Investigation of the sedimentary record of pre-Alpine Lake Mondsee (Upper Austria) focused on the environmental reaction to rapid Lateglacial climatic changes. Results of this study reveal complex proxy responses that are variable in time and influenced by the long-term evolution of the lake and its catchment. A new field sampling approach facilitated continuous and precisely controlled parallel sampling at decadal to sub-annual resolution for µ-XRF element scanning, carbon geochemistry, stable isotope measurements on ostracods, pollen...
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