(Table 1) Biomass (as energy) of different elements of the planktonic community in the Equatorial Pacific in the 0-150 m layer, supplement to: Vinogradov, Mikhail E; Shushkina, Elvira A; Kukina, Irina N (1976): Functional characteristics of a planktonic community in an equatorial upwelling region. Oceanology, 16, 67-76

Mikhail E Vinogradov, Elvira A Shushkina & Irina N Kukina
An analysis was made of composition and content of nutrients, salts, particulate and dissolved organic matter, and various plankton groups in a series of samples collected by a 140-liter sampling bottle to depth up to 150 m at 4 equatorial stations between 97° and 154°W. Large and small phytoplankton, bacteria (aggregated and dispersed), heterotrophic flagellates, infusorians, radiolarians, foraminifers, fine filter-feeders, small and large, mostly herbivorous copepods, cyclopoids, predatory calanoids, and other predators were investigated separately....
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