Quaternary carbonate record of ODP Hole 115-709A, supplement to: Naidu, Pothuri Divakar; Malmgren, Bjorn (1999): Quaternary carbonate record from the equatorial Indian Ocean and its relationship with productivity changes. Marine Geology, 161(1), 49-62

Pothuri Divakar Naidu & Bjorn Malmgren
The CaCO3 content in Quaternary deep-sea sediments from Pacific and Atlantic oceans have been suggested to respond differently to glacial/interglacial cycles; CaCO3 contents are highest during glacials in the Pacific but highest during interglacials in the Atlantic Ocean. It is not yet clear as to whether a Pacific or an Atlantic pattern of CaCO3 fluctuations dominates the Indian Ocean. We have analyzed the Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Site 709A from the western equatorial Indian Ocean...
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