Age of bottom sediments from the South Atlantic Rise as indicated by 14C data for stations of R/V Professor Shtokman, supplement to: Trimonis, Egidius S; Os'kina, Natalia S; Barteneva, Leili I (1988): Late Quaternary sedimentation on the South Atlantic Ridge. Oceanology, 28(1), 76-82

Egidius S Trimonis, Natalia S Os'kina & Leili I Barteneva
Sedimentation of pelagic biogenic coccolithic-foraminiferal sediments predominates in the section of the South Atlantic ridge between 20° and 30°S. Sedimentation rate and thickness of Late Quaternary sediments differ in the rift valley, the crestal section of the ridge, its flanks and transform faults. Holocene and layers representing the most recent and pen¬ultimate continental glaciations and the last interglacial are distinguishable in the late Quaternary profile. During their development, changes in the mean annual sea surface...
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