Oxygen and carbon isotope measurements of North Atlantic from IODP Hole 307-U1317E, supplement to: Sakai, Saburo; Kano, Akihiro; Abe, Kohei (2009): Origin, glacial-interglacial responses, and controlling factors of a cold-water coral mound in NE Atlantic. Paleoceanography, 24(2), PA2213

Saburo Sakai, Akihiro Kano & Kohei Abe
Recent deep-ocean exploration has revealed unexpectedly widespread and diverse coral ecosystems in deep water on continental shelves, slopes, seamounts, and ridge systems around the world. Origin and growth history of these cold-water coral mounds are poorly known, owing to a lack of complete stratigraphic sections through them. Here we show high-resolution oxygen isotope records of planktic foraminifers from the base to the top of Challenger Mound, southwest of Ireland, which was drilled during Integrated Ocean...
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