Biomass of seston in the benthic layer of the Southwestern Indian Ocean, supplement to: Rudyakov, Yury A; Vereshchaka, Alexander L; Vinogradov, Georgy M; Geptner, Mikhail V (1990): Seston biomass in the benthic layer of the Southwestern Indian Ocean. Oceanology, 30(1), 85-89

Yury A Rudyakov, Alexander L Vereshchaka, Georgy M Vinogradov & Mikhail V Geptner
At stations to 1530 m depth in the Mozambique Channel and on the Saya-de-Malha and Walters banks seston biomass 2 m above the bottom was lower than at 30 m. Above the Walters shoal this difference was 13.2 mg/m**3 and was not equal to zero for P < 0.001. These results contradict previous ideas of biomass increase in benthic layers. The most likely cause of the observed impoverishment of plankton may be predominant consumption of...
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