Sedimentology and geochemistry on core Co1204, supplement to: Wagner, Bernd; Vogel, Hendrik; Zanchetta, Giovanni; Sulpizio, Roberto (2010): Environmental change within the Balkan region during the past ca. 50 ka recorded in the sediments from lakes Prespa and Ohrid. Biogeochemistry, 7, 3187-3198

Bernd Wagner, Hendrik Vogel, Giovanni Zanchetta & Roberto Sulpizio
Lakes Prespa and Ohrid, in the Balkan region, are considered to be amongst the oldest lakes in Europe. Both lakes are hydraulically connected via karst aquifers. From Lake Ohrid, several sediment cores up to 15 m long have been studied over the last few years. Here, we document the first long sediment record from nearby Lake Prespa to clarify the influence of Lake Prespa on Lake Ohrid and the environmental history of the region. Radiocarbon...
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